Our Mission Of Promise: is to ensure the freedom, safety and well being of the WIN Western Shoshone Indian Horse Herd using a formula of Accountability + Compassion to make certain that these horses WIN.

The horses that are under the umbrella of WIN whether they are on our ranch in California or Utah, never know thirst, hunger, or fear. They are allowed freedom of choice, freedom to walk, freedom to run, to eat a blade of grass if they choose. When it rains and the wind blows they have shelter, when the sun shines they have freedom to feel it warm their backs, roll and play at their leisure or seek the shade from a tree.

They have the freedom to groom each other, to comfort each other, to share the joy of the day. Their pastures are clean, the water is fresh, and the hay is of the best quality. At this point they may not have the freedom of hundreds and hundreds of miles to roam but they are safe and healthy until the time comes when they can return to their way of life.

Our responsibility as humans is to make the best choices we can for these Western Shoshone Indian Horses. Our hope is that others can see and feel this need within themselves and join us on our journey to protect the freedom, safety, and place in history of these beautiful, truly majestic horses.

Why We Need Your Help

Receive A Free Marty Katon Print
When you make a donation over $25.00.

Marty Katon is one of those rare artists who not only captures the technical aspect of his subject, but the soul of his subject. Marty has been a professional painter his whole life, he has rescued countless animals and has an affinity to nature and all that nature represents. He has shown in major galleries, participated in major art competitions and had numerous articles written about him and his work. Currently along with his painting he is teaching at" risk children" painting in Santa Monica, California. Again, when we receive a donation of 25.00 or more Marty has graciously donated one of the exhibited prints to pass on to you. This gift comes from his heart, and we give it to you with our gratitude and many thanks.

To feed the herd the cost averages $25 per horse/per week.
Totaling $3,250 a week for the herd, this does not include
worming, veterinary, and general care. So if you quickly
do the math, you can see why need help to sustain this
noble herd for Wild Horses.

Supporters needed to stand with us and continue our
quest to find a permanent safe haven where the
WIN Wild Horses can live free. Please join us
and be a part of this journey to keep the
American Wild Shoshone Indian Horse
free and protected.

  • Wild Horses In Need: founded in 2004 .
  • Created out of necessity to save hundreds of horses from the horrific conditions and human cruelty inflicted by a rancher in Santa Ynez Valley, CA.
  • WIN is dedicated to protecting The Western Shoshone Indian
    Wild Horse and all other wild horses that are in need.
  • The Horses were originally from Nevada belonging to
    The Dann Sisters, of the Western Shoshone
    Indian Nation.
  • The Dann sisters have been fighting for their land and
    livestock for over 30 years.
  • A Documentary was made about the Dann sisters
    and their struggles titled “American Outrage”
  • The bloodlines of the WIN herd date back before
    the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  • Sacagawea, Lewis & Clark’s guide, and a member
    of the Western Shoshone Nation obtained the herd’s
    ancestors, in order to cross the high Rockies
  • The WIN Wild Horse herd calls two ranches home.
    One in Ojai, CA and the other in Fillmore, Utah



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Wild Horses In Need
P.O. Box 208
Ojai, CA 93024

California Non-Profit Organization Tax ID# 55-0882407

Please contact WIN for information on adoption and sponsorship at: win4horses@wildhorsesinneed.org WIN would like to thank all of our supporters, past, present and future. All donations are greatly appreciated.


The vast open range of Nevada was where the Shoshone Indian Horses called home for over two hundred years, they survived the elements mother nature sent their way, living the life they were meant to live until the cruel hand of man intervened. Not only were they transported from the only home they knew to an unfamiliar land, they were transported to a place of suffering and death.

The boundless pastures they once grazed had become a barren wasteland. The only nourishment provided to them came from the urine and manure soaked stall bedding from a ranch nearby.

When they became too weak from starvation to stand, these horses who were once the definition of strength, laid down to die.

There is no sadness like that of a mother not able to provide milk for her young; that baby at it's mother's side as she dies from hunger, then left to die, hungry and alone.

The creek's edge where they had once gathered for a drink of clear, fresh, life providing water had become a filthy puddle; all this suffering at the hand of Man.

The freedom and law of nature that had once ruled this noble, proud herd had been replaced with greed and ego. Their days once filled with life, were filled with suffering and the agony of starvation.

This inexcusable act found an end when individuals from all walks of life came together to create Wild Horses In Need ~ WIN. They transported the surviving horses; mares with their foals, many mares who were carrying foals and the stallions, back to a place of safety, a place of life, a place were freedom can once again rule this herd.

The WIN Horses no longer have the worry of when or where their next meal will come from. They are protected by an umbrella which is held over them by the care and generosity of the supporters of Wild Horses In Need.

WIN is more than a Horse rescue it is a place in the heart, an opportunity to do the right thing. To right a wrong. A sin of grand proportion was created by amember of humanity against innocent inhabitants of this world we all share and call home; WIN has responded and created a formula to make abuse and neglect forever in their past. Accountability + Compassion = WIN.

WIN has made it their Mission of Promise to ensure that these horses remain protected, healthy, and Free. WIN provides freedom. Freedom to run, freedom to graze, freedom to be; More importantly freedom from abuse and neglect, hunger and thirst. 100% of each dollar donated is used to safeguard the health, protection and well being of this Shoshone Indian horse herd.

Accountability is a core element of Wild Horses In Need, defining its very mission and promise: that holding ourselves accountable, choosing the Right in our own lives, choosing to be more than just another witness and standing up against injustice, we can turn a tragic, grave situation such as the mass starvation of horses into an outcome of life and freedom. The WIN Horses possess bloodlines carrying the strength, beauty, kindness and intelligence of their ancestors who lived during a time long ago, a time of discovery and promise. They were the invaluable horses who accompanied the explorers of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Ancestor's whose hooves touched earth no other had, whose eyes saw sights no others had, they stood by man every inch of the way on his journey of new.

The decedents of these loyal companions two hundred years later, forced to suffer the atrocity of deathly starvation. We as members of the human race owe it to protect the surviving horses of this herd. To give them the Freedom they deserve, the freedom that they own.

Together with the help of supporters WIN can continue to stand by them; Ensure their protection; Stand up and be the voice for these dignified, noble and simply beautiful Wild Horses In Need;

They need US; They need YOU; To Triumph; To WIN.


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Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and/or suggestions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you, The WIN supporter!!

Jean Marie Webster

Mailing Address
Wild Horses In Need
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