Month: November 2018

Miniature Horses as Service Animals

You’ve heard of seeing-eye dogs for the blind, right? How about a seeing-eye horse? Yep. It’s true! Miniature horses are being used as guides for the blind, help animals for the mobility impaired, and therapy animals in nursing…

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Horse Training Video

Training horses areis} rarely a walk in the park. In fact, becoming a seasoned horse trainer requires many hours of practice and application, and much of money for clinics and courses in horse training. Yet, not everyone has…

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Horse Stalls Walking

What is horse stall Walking?: Horse stalls walking is also known as box walking. When horses walk horse stalls they will either continuously walk around the perimeter of its horse stall or it may walk back and forth from…

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Horse Racing Software – Does It Work?

The time period “horse racing software” can imply two different things. It might confer with software used in racing horses or it might refer to a kind of software program which people use to simulate racing horses. Whichever…

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Horse Betting Strategy

Horse Betting Strategy I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching the best horse betting strategy and the clear winner is definitely Betfair Millionaire. The system was designed around horse race betting in the United Kingdom but the…

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Horse Betting King Review – Is Horse Betting King Scam?

Is Horse Betting King system a scam? This guide is about betting in the horse racing markets based on sound theories and statistics to generate consistent income for the user. It is a step by step system with clearly stated…

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Brand New Horse Stall Flooring System. No More Need For Horse Stall Mats!

If you own horse stalls and you are always buying horse stall mats you’ll want to read on. Triple B Stalls will be introducing a completely new horse stall flooring system. No more horse stall mats needed. This…

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Equestrian Style has Arrived on the Catwalk

Equestrian style is THE AUTUMN TREND to add to the widespread military or safari influences that overtook fashion during spring/summer period. It only makes sense that as the golden leaves start to fall we need to strap into…

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Building Muscle in Horses

Many horse owners admire the rippling muscles of those often seen on breeds like the foundation-bred Quarter Horses. How can you get your horse to look like that? Well, in all honesty, genetics play an important role. Your…

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Betting Exchanges

There is no stopping the popularity of betting exchanges. Whilst some are floundering and finding it hard to attract new punters, others are merging, and some are soaring ahead. From 2-Jun to 9-Jun, which includes Derby day, £21,390,000…

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