Equestrian Style has Arrived on the Catwalk

Equestrian style is THE AUTUMN TREND to add to the widespread military or safari influences that overtook fashion during spring/summer period. It only makes sense that as the golden leaves start to fall we need to strap into knee high boots and a great well-tailored riding jacket.

But which of the designers are taking on this trend and which of the current equestrian brands should we be looking for? I hear you ask.

So to the designers, Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Dior and Prada are looking very much equestrian with some great looking pieces and fantastic riding boots, but more to the point which of the traditional equestrian brands should I look to for real equestrian country wear. Riding boots, jodhpurs and tweed jackets are the key essentials to any equestrian fashionista this season. The hearty country look coupled with the slick style of a Jilly Cooper novel means that anyone will look great in this style.

As ever a good combination of colours can give more to an overall outfit but if you’re willing to be daring, then look out for flash colours like bright pink. Equestrian fashion means that you can cover anything from floral details to zips and buckles. And when it comes to materials you can be in suede, leather and cloth, anything goes.

Equestrian boots (or even the country boot) are a great addition to the perfect winter wardrobe, worn with a pair of boot cut jeans.Or you could take a pair of riding boots with opaque tights, a pencil skirt and an oxford.


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